FAQ's for Buyback

1. What all devices are eligible for the Exchange Offer? How much refund would I get for my model?

All models are eligible for the exchange offer as per the Drop down list

2. How do I avail the Exchange Offer?

Step 1: Select the new HTC Phone and click the checkbox “Enter buy-back details” in the checkout


Step 2: Enter your Old Phone Details:

- Old Phone Model

- Old Phone IMEI number

Step 3: Old Device Pickup

You’ll get a call from courier to pick up your old handset.

Kindly handover the old device to the courier person along with duly filled Buy Back form

3. Will I get upfront discount on my old devices?

No, you’ll get discount remitted to your account within 30 days post physical check of your device post receipt

of the same.

4. Is there any specific requirement of the phone's condition that qualify for this buyback?

The Phone should meet the following conditions:

  • Battery should be included and charging
  • Charger should be included
  • The phone should be working
  • The LCD should be working and intact
  • The phone should detect SIM card
  • The phone should show network signal
  • The Keypad should be intact

5. What ID proofs can I send?

Photocopy of Valid Passport, valid driving license, valid Voter ID card, valid Aadhaar card along with duly

filled customer device buyback Declaration form

6. Can I change something in the buyback form later?


7. Is it mandatory to have the phone in working condition to qualify for this program?

Yes. It should show signal strength, and should not be broken (Screen or Body). All the conditions stated in Q4

should be met.

8. Can I send more than 1 phone?


9. Would my HTC Phone bill contain the discounted price excluding the discount I get for buyback program?


10. Can i give a different pick up address for my reverse shipment?

Pickup address shall be same as shipping address by default.