BrandModelBuy Back Price
Apple iPhone 5 16GB 7583
Apple iPhone 5 32GB 8242
Apple iPhone 5 64GB 8572
Apple iPhone 5c 16GB 6264
Apple iPhone 5c 32GB 6594
Apple iPhone 4s 32GB 4286
Apple iPhone 4 32GB 3429
Apple iPhone 4 8GB 2506
Blackberry Z3 3099
Blackberry TORCH 659
Blackberry TORCH-2 593
Blackberry BOLD4 231
Blackberry BOLD5 593
Blackberry Z 10 2638
Blackberry BOLD3 857
Blackberry Curve 791
HTC ONE 4748
HTC ONE X 3165
HTC 820 Q 5605
HTC ONE S 1978
HTC 816 4945
HTC 820 5934
HTC 816 G 5275
HTC 820 S 5275
HTC ONE G 1978
HTC DESIRE 600 1978
HTC DESIRE 700 2967
HTC 626 2308
HTC 620 2308
HTC DESIRE 500 1648
LG Nexus 5 16GB 3627
LG Nexus 5 32GB 4616
LG G3 4286
LG G FLEX 1 5143
LG G PRO 3495
LG G2 3495
LG Nexus 4 2308
LG L9 1648
LG Y70 2110
LG L5 1319
LG L7 2044
Micromax Canvas 2 (A110) 989
Micromax Doodle 3 (A102) 4GB 1451
Micromax KNIGHT 2967
Micromax CANVAS TURBO 2110
Micromax Canvas (A116) 989
Micromax Canvas 4 (A210) 989
Micromax Doodle 2 (A240) 989
Micromax Doodle 3 (A102) 8GB 989
Micromax UNITE 1 989
Micromax UNITE 2 989
Micromax UNITE 3 989
Micromax CANVAS JUICE 989
Micromax CANVAS COLOUR 989
Motorola Moto-G 2308
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 1520 7253
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 920 2308
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 1020 3627
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 925 3627
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 930 5934
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 830 3956
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 1320 2967
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 625 2308
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 620 2901
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 630 Dual 1319
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 720 2638
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 520 1055
Nokia/ Microsoft XL 1714
Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia 525 1253
Nokia/ Microsoft X2 1055
Nokia/ Microsoft LUMIA 435 989
Samsung S 4 (9500) 4616
Samsung NOTE 1 3297
Samsung GALAXY S 1583
Samsung WAVE 1 1978
Samsung S 3 (9300) 16GB 2967
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9152 3627
Samsung S 3 (9300) 2638
Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 2638
Samsung Grand Neo (9060) 2638
Samsung S Advance (9070) 1319
Samsung GALAXY S+ 1319
Samsung WAVE 2 989
Samsung WAVE 723 989
Samsung S 4 mini (9192) 3627
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (355) 1714
Samsung Quattro (I8552) 2308
Samsung S Duos 2 (7582) 1319
Samsung S Duos 3 (G313 HU) 1451
Samsung SL 1648
Samsung GALAXY Y 2308
Samsung WAVE 525 2308
Samsung WAVE 535 2308
Samsung GALAXY FIT 2308
Sony Experia Z 3 (D 6653) 8902
Sony Experia Z 3 Compact (D 5833) 7253
Sony Experia Z (C6602) 4286
Sony Experia Z 1 Compact (D 5503) 5605
Sony Experia Z R (C 5502) 3627
Sony C-5 2374
Sony Experia Z 1 (C 6902) 5011
Sony Experia Z Ultra (C 6802) 3956
Sony Experia T 2 Ultra (D 5312) 4286
Sony Xperia SL LT26ii 3297
Sony Experia T 3 (D 5102) 3495
Sony Experia L (C2104) 2440
Sony Experia M 2 (D 2304) 3033
Sony Xperia J ST26i 1121
Sony Xperia P 1912
Sony Experia C (C2305) 1648
Sony Experia E Dual (C1604) 1451
Sony Experia E Duos (C1604) 1451
Sony Experia M (C1904) 1648
Sony Experia M Dual (C2004) 1648
Sony Experia M Duos (C2004) 1648
Sony Xperia E3 2308
Sony Xperia SP 2308
Sony E-4 2308
Sony E-4G 2308

Terms & Conditions for BUYBACK

Buyback program will commence from 1st November 2015. Buyback will not be applicable till 31st October 2015.

By proceeding in the Buyback process and agreeing to sell your old gadget on via Newtel

you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

1.You certify to us that you are the legal owner of the gadget that you want to sell.

2.The device must be in a working condition to be eligible for Buyback

3.The device must be listed in the list of Qualifying devices for Cashback.

4.Caskback will be done on the qualified device within 45days from the date of collecting the device.

5.The cashback will be done into the same account from which the transaction has been done for the

new device.

6. The cashback value is based on the model and the age of the gadget mentioned by you.

7. All initial quotes are pending our evaluation of your gadget and no binding offer is made until we have

had a chance to inspect the gadget. We reserve the right to refuse to offer to purchase any item that

you offer to sell for any reason we deem, in our sole discretion, to be sensible. We reserve the right to

change our quote at any time.

8. Should you be given a quote via our website AND we, upon inspection of your gadget, agree to pay

you that quoted amount, you are legally and contractually bound to sell us the gadget for the price

quoted via the website.

9. Should you be given a quote via our website and upon inspection your gadget is A) a different model

than originally quoted, B) missing any parts, C) in a different condition than stated we reserve the right

to change our offer.

10. Lawful Sales Only. You must own the right, title and all legal interest in the gadget or other items you

sell us. Your sale and or shipment of any such item must not violate any law, regulation or statute of any

jurisdiction. You may not unlawfully transfer or encumber any intellectual property, trademark,

copyright, patent, software, license or other legal right or restriction via your shipping or selling of the

picked up item. The item you ship must be free of all legal restrictions that would affect the value of the

item, restrict your legal right to transfer ownership of the item (including the item itself, software

present on the item, or hardware on or inside the item). You must refrain from violating any export laws

or restrictions. The item you send (including all related materials, software and add on hardware) may

not be counterfeited, stolen, or contain harmful or offensive content of any nature. You agree to hold us

harmless and indemnify us from any and all loss of any nature, including fees, costs, judgments, liens

and reasonable attorney's fees, arising from any threatened or actual legal action should you violate this

term and condition of this Agreement.

It is also your responsibility to wipe, clean or delete data on your Gadget being sold to

We reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time without giving you prior notice. Your use of

our website, any of our tools and services, following any such modification constitutes your agreement

to follow and be bound by the Agreement as modified. Terms and conditions modifying the Agreement

are effective immediately upon publication.

FAQ's for Buyback 

1. What all devices are eligible for the Exchange Offer? How much refund would I get for my model?

All models are eligible for the exchange offer as per the Drop down list

2. How do I avail the Exchange Offer?

Step 1: Select the new HTC Phone and click the checkbox “Enter buy-back details” in the checkout


Step 2: Enter your Old Phone Details:

- Old Phone Model

- Old Phone IMEI number

Step 3: Old Device Pickup

You’ll get a call from courier to pick up your old handset.

Kindly handover the old device to the courier person along with duly filled Buy Back form

3. Will I get upfront discount on my old devices?

No, you’ll get discount remitted to your account within 30 days post physical check of your device post receipt

of the same.

4. Is there any specific requirement of the phone's condition that qualify for this buyback?

The Phone should meet the following conditions:

  • Battery should be included and charging
  • Charger should be included
  • The phone should be working
  • The LCD should be working and intact
  • The phone should detect SIM card
  • The phone should show network signal
  • The Keypad should be intact

5. What ID proofs can I send?

Photocopy of Valid Passport, valid driving license, valid Voter ID card, valid Aadhaar card along with duly

filled customer device buyback Declaration form

6. Can I change something in the buyback form later?


7. Is it mandatory to have the phone in working condition to qualify for this program?

Yes. It should show signal strength, and should not be broken (Screen or Body). All the conditions stated in Q4

should be met.

8. Can I send more than 1 phone?


9. Would my HTC Phone bill contain the discounted price excluding the discount I get for buyback program?


10. Can i give a different pick up address for my reverse shipment?

Pickup address shall be same as shipping address by default.